✨🎉 Gemcanary is now Appcanary🎉✨

Dear friends,

tl;dr We launched Appcanary, we’re shutting down Gemcanary Dec 31st 2015, we have great plans for the future, we love you.

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We’ve been busy. We got to spend the summer in sunny California attending Y Combinator. We learned a lot, it was well worth it.

During the summer, we launched the first version of our new product, Appcanary. We help companies to track the security of the software components they rely on. Simply run our agent on your servers, and keep tabs on the packages on your systems. It’s pretty cool!

We want to change the way software and operation engineers engage with security. And, well, we think our customers' security would be better off if we don't tightly integrate with Github.

To that end, we're shutting down Gemcanary on December 31st, 2015. You should use Appcanary instead. While Gemcanary could never tell you about Heartbleed, Appcanary will let you keep tabs on all of your infrastructure’s dependencies. Can't use Appcanary for whatever reason? Get in touch with us, or check out isitvulnerable.com.

We started Gemcanary all the way back in February 2013. Things were different back then; we ran a fledgeling consultancy, Edward Snowden was about to book a flight to Hong Kong, and Heartbleed was still hidden away in our openssls.

We’ve since spent a lot of time breaking and building apps. We became a real startup. We've courted a small cadre of investors who in believe in our ideas about the future. We're pretty excited about what we'll be able to do over the next couple of years.


In the meantime, we're still giving you alerts:

The people behind Appcanary are @phillmv and @mveytsman.